Qualcomm to build plant in Taiwan

Qualcomm to build plant in Taiwan


Taipei:US technology giant Qualcomm plans to spend $1 billion to build a plant in Taiwan to produce new, energy-efficient displays used in tablet devices and e-books, an official said on Tuesday.

The plant, located in the town of Lungtan in northern Taiwan, is scheduled to start operations in 2012 and will focus on “Mirasol" technology, which consumes less power than traditional displays, the representative said.

“The plant is crucial as it will introduce to Taiwan the know-how for manufacturing next-generation flat-screens," said the official, with the economics ministry’s Department of Investment Services.

Panels using this type of technology are used in a range of electronic products including Apple’s popular iPad to games consoles.

Taiwan’s liquid crystal display industry is a world leader, with production valued at a total of $50 billions last year, figures compiled by the ministry showed.