1,095.41 MW

What is it? Total installed capacity of rooftop solar installations in India, according to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

Why it’s important? Crossing the 1GB milestone underlines India’s efforts to push solar power as an alternate source of energy. The country’s overall solar energy capacity has grown eightfold in the last four years, to 22GW at present. India’s progress in solar power comes at a time when China is slowing down on this front.

Tell me more: Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu lead the rooftop solar installations in India together accounting for about 40% of the total installed capacity.

$295 million

What is it? China’s new grant to Sri Lanka.

Why is it important? The grant, that China said can be used for any project of Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena’s choice, is yet another example of how China is buying influence in the island nation. Such financial flow—towards ports and hospitals—has been chipping away India’s influence in the region. In fact, Sri Lankan president made the announcement while inaugurating a China-funded kidney hospital Polonnaruwa.

Tell me more: Still, it’s a tug of war. Sri Lanka’s ruling party, UNP (United National Party) has also accused China of funding re-election of the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2015, and has demanded investigation.


What is it? India’s basic custom duty, applicable for sanitary napkins, which has now been exempted from Goods and Services Tax.

Why is it important? Industry experts believe that the slashing of GST on sanitary napkins from 12% to 0% will not bring down the prices of locally manufactured napkins because the manufacturers will now lose input tax credit. Meanwhile, zero GST also implied zero IGST, which could make imported sanitary napkins cheaper.

Tell me more: On Saturday, India slashed sales tax across sectors, ahead of 2019 parliamentary elections.


What is it? The number of jawans government is to hire for central armed police forces.

Why is it important? It’s among the central security forces’ largest recruitments, and comes on the back of its decision to raise new battalions, and fill in vacancies. Over 14,500 jawans and officers had quit central security forces in 2017, compared to 3,422 in 2015

Tell me more: Nearly 40% of the new recruitments will join Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).


What is it? The percentage of tech CEOs who expect to increase their companies’ headcount by at least 6% over the next three years, according to a survey by KPMG.

Why is it important? It’s more optimistic than non-tech CEOs’ hiring plans. Only 37% of all CEOs expect to increase headcount by 6% over the same period. The outlook underlines the continued dominance of tech firms, which have been outperforming traditional industries in valuation.

Tell me more: The hiring plans also reflect the general optimism expressed by the tech CEOs about their companies’ and industry’s growth prospects. 88% of tech CEOs expect their companies to grow. Their top worry is growing sentiment against globalisation.

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