New Delhi: Indians do not completely disconnect while on a holiday with 60% respondents stating that they remain connected to work, according to a study by the global research firm Ipsos.

Most Europeans said they intend to disconnect completely from work during their holidays, especially the British (71%) and the French (70%). Like Indians, 60% respondents from China also said that they do not disconnect from work during a holiday.

The study also revealed that 62% of Indians intend to use the same or more social networks like Facebook and 67% intend to use the same or more photo sharing platforms like Instagram during a holiday.

“Ambitious Indians (and even the Chinese) don’t disconnect from work even when holidaying, unlike the Westerners. It extends to being active on social platforms. Indian millennials actively post reviews on services from airlines, to hotels and even food," said Rinku Patnaik, chief client officer, Ipsos India.

The 18th annual Barometer on Summer holidays, which covers countries like Europe, United States and Brazil, has been conducted for the first time in Asia (India and China).

Globally, a total of a sample of 16,000 individuals were interviewed out of which 1,000 were from India. The online survey involved individuals up to 64 years belonging to metro cities of the country.

Unlike the US, Brazil and China, where more millennials prefer to take a summer break, in India the intent to leave for summer holidays is lower among the young people (59%) than travellers aged above 35 years (69%). In terms of planning, Asians are much more spontaneous with 65% of Indians and 81% of Chinese booking their holidays less than four months in advance.

In Asia, the average summer holiday budgets are above the European average with Indian holidaymakers spending Rs1.79 lakh as compared to Europeans who spend close to Rs1.56 lakh. Chinese travellers spend Rs1.63 lakh, while Americans spend around Rs1.73 lakh.

Seaside remains the top destination for all interviewed countries. Indians prefer to holiday in the country, with 25% individuals preferring domestic holiday destinations. French holidaymakers top this list with 57% of them preferring to holiday in their own country, followed by Americans (46%), Brazilians (33%) and Chinese (32%).

The study also stated that trying unusual accommodations like private houses or apartment rentals is important for young travellers with 55% of the Indian millennials (vs 48% in the general population) showing interest in this practice.

When choosing their holiday activities, they are also more sensitive to new environmental and cultural experiences with 81% of them having already tried at least one atypical activity such as primitive camping, taking part in solidarity tourism or going on an ecological trip.

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