New Delhi: The Delhi high court on Thursday extended the last date for Delhi-based consumer electronics vendor Intex Technologies (India) Ltd to pay royalties to Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson for allegedly infringing eight of the latter’s patents.

These patents relate to 2G, 3G and Edge technologies used in mobile phones and tablets.

The division bench of the high court, hearing an appeal filed by Intex against the order of a single judge of the high court, said that the dispute between the two parties required consideration. A bench comprised of justices B.D. Ahmed and Sanjeev Sachdeva will hear the case on 29 April.

On 13 March, a single judge of the Delhi high court had directed Intex to pay 50% of the royalty to Ericsson and secure the remaining amount as a bank guarantee.

While Ericsson requested payment of some part of the royalty as it had a court order in its favour, the two-judge bench wanted to consider the appeal before any further action. Intex contended in court on Thursday that these patents held by Ericsson had been narrowed considerably by the US Patents Office. It further alleged that Ericsson had failed to disclose this information to the court.

Ericsson has filed similar cases against Micromax Informatics Ltd and Chinese smartphone makers Xiaomi Technology India Pvt. Ltd and Gionee Communication Equipment Co. Ltd.​