Mint Quiz #20

Mint Quiz #20

Cricket equipment manufacturers

1. The first word of the name of this manufacturer means “without equal" in French. Which company?

2. Which brand gets its name from the bird shown below?

3. This company was the result of a merger of two firms in 1940. The first firm was founded in Cambridge by the then world rackets champion in 1855 and soon built a reputation supplying rackets to University players, including the future King Edward VII, while the second started making bats in 1876 in a workshop in Robertsbridge, East Sussex. Which company?

Tobacco products and brands

4. The company was founded as ___, Watkins & Co. by Henry Overton ____ I and his partner Watkins, who opened a shop in Castle Street, Bristol in 1786. After Watkin’s retirement in 1789, it became “____ & Co." This brand was withdrawn in the UK in 1988, but it remained in India and Pakistan. Which brand?

5. Since the 1920s, this brand was advertised as a woman’s cigarette based on the tagline “Mild As May". It was repositioned as a rugged, masculine brand as the result of an iconic advertising campaign in 1954. Which brand?

6. Some of the most popular brands of this tobacco product—Ganesh, PVS and Bharath are based out of a city on India’s western coast. Import of this product into the US was banned in 1999, causing a furore among its manufacturers. Which product, and which city is the major producer of the product?

Biscuit brands

7. This company, which shares its name with part of the name of a suburb of Mumbai, began in 1929. It was one of the few Indian players in a market dominated by British brands, and made biscuits affordable at a time when they were luxury goods. Which company?

8. This company was formed in 1898 with the merger of American Biscuit and Manufacturing Co., the New York Biscuit Co. and the United States Baking Co. The resultant entity was initially called National Biscuit Co., and had 114 bakeries across the US and was headquartered in New York City. Which company?

9. Which Indian company shares its name with the national personification shown in the picture?


Cricket equipment manufacturers

1. Sanspareil Greenlands, or SG

2. Kookaburra

3. Gray-Nicolls

Tobacco products and brands

4. Wills

5. Marlboro

6. Beedis. Mangalore is a major centre of beedi manufacturers in India

Biscuit brands

7. Parle

8. Nabisco, from National Biscuit Co.

9. Britannia