Mint quiz

Mint quiz

Refrigerator companies

1.Which company was formed in 1954 as a joint venture between Tatas and Volkart Ltd?

Voltas. From Volkart and Tatas.

2. This company was formed in 1912 when its founder Axel Wenner Gren saw an unwieldy vacuum cleaner in Vienna, and went to work on improving it. In 1925, this company manufactured the first absorption refrigerator ‘D-fridge’. Which company?


3.This company, founded in Detroit in 1914, was named after the British physicist who developed the concept of absolute zero, and after whom the absolute temperature scale is named. Which company?

Kelvinator. Named after William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin.

Cement brands owned by the Birlas

4. Which cement brand is named after the wife of Aditya Birla?

Rajashree cement

5.This cement brand is named after the daughter of the person in Question 1, who is married to Kushagra Nayan Bajaj. Which brand?

Vasavadatta Cement

6.Which cement company owned by the K.K. Birla group is named after a river in Goa?

Zuari cement

Direct selling companies

7.This company, founded in 1959, is one of the biggest direct selling firms in the world. It gets its name from the phrase ‘American way’.


8.This company pioneered direct selling in India to sell vacuum cleaners and water purifiers. It is now Asia’s largest direct selling organization. Which company?

Eureka Forbes

9.This company, named after its founder, began in 1984. It is based on the concept that the needs of a computer user could be understood best by selling computers directly to them. It builds every computer system to order, and strengthened its model further when it enabled customers to order off the Internet. Which company?