Senior CII official dies in surgery error

Senior CII official dies in surgery error

New Delhi: Jayant Bhuyan, deputy director general at business lobby Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and chief executive officer of the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), a public-private initiative, died on Monday during surgery.

Max Speciality, the hospital at which Bhuyan, 58, died, said it has initiated an internal investigation into his death.

“We investigate each and every our hospital...," said Pervez Ahmed, executive medical director, Max Speciality. “We have started this process as of today on Jayant as well. An event occurred during surgery which was not anticipated which led to the eventual demise of Bhuyan."

A person familiar with the situation said Bhuyan had been admitted for a triple bypass heart surgery. There was, he said, an error with the tubes when Bhuyan was hooked to the heart-lung machine. Instead of the tube that transports blood, a tube supplying compressed oxygen was inserted into his aorta. “The doctors and technicians realized their mistake in seconds but he died of an overdose of oxygen," he added. He did not want to be identified.

This could not be independently verified by Mint.

On Tuesday, Bhuyan’s colleagues at CII and IBEF recalled him as a warm person and a calm personality. “He created a personal connect with each one of his colleagues at IBEF," said Aparna Dutta, a senior director at CII.