Japan’s Suzuki to build new auto plant in Thailand

Japan’s Suzuki to build new auto plant in Thailand


Tokyo: Japanese automaker Suzuki Motor Corp. has announced plans to build a new plant in central Thailand to produce low-emission cars starting in 2010.

The mini-car specialist plans to invest $313 million in the facility and hire 1,200 employees.

Suzuki aims to build more than 100,000 low emission cars in the country over the next five years to take advantage of tax breaks being offered by the kingdom to automakers producing environmentally friendly vehicles.

Japanese automakers are increasingly focusing on foreign markets, including growing emerging economies in Asia, amid sluggish growth at home. Suzuki is already the leading automaker by sales in India.

Thailand has offered tax incentives to automakers to produce eco-cars that meet the next generation of European emission standards.

Honda Motor and Toyota Motor are also expanding their operations in Thailand, despite lingering uncertainty about the Thai economy since the military ousted market-friendly prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra last year.