New Delhi: GE Grid Solutions on Thursday said it has commissioned the first leg of mega grid stabilisation project of Power Grid Corporation for the northern grid. After completion, the project will be the world’s largest Wide Area Monitoring System (Wams) that entails monitoring and controlling of electricity supply across the country, a company statement said.

The project is part of the Unified Real Time Dynamic State Measurement initiative. The project has been executed by GE T&D India, the listed entity of GE Power’s grid solutions business in India.

This first stage will enable PowerGrid to monitor power flow across 110 substations in the northern grid and respond to fluctuations within a fraction of a second. This will be critical in addressing power demand-supply imbalances and ensuring grid stability benefitting from the integration of renewable energy with the grid, it said.

When fully commissioned, this new Wams solution will be the world’s largest, comprising 1,184 Phasor Measurement Units and 34 control centres across India, 350 substations in the national grid.

In July 2012, India suffered the world’s biggest power blackout due to a grid failure that affected more than 620 million people across 22 states. A committee of international experts formed by the government to minimise the possibility of grid failure recommended the implementation of a Wams solution across the country to measure the dynamic state of the grid and detect the onset of any unstable oscillation event.

In January 2014, GE T&D (formerly Alstom T&D) was awarded a $52.2 million contract to install Wams across all five regional grids in north, south, east, west and northeast India.