Strike costing Bosch Rs30 lakh a day

Strike costing Bosch Rs30 lakh a day

Jaipur: A ten-day strike by the employees’ union has caused a revenue loss of Rs30 lakh per day to Bosch’s Sitapura factory, 20 km from Jaipur, despite the management gearing up to meet production schedules with the help of its supervisory and managerial staff.

“The strike by the Mico-Bosch Labour Union is unjustified as the management from day one said that no permanent employee had been retrenched," Vice-President Ashok Abraham and DGM (Corporate Communication) Sanjay Chakravarty said.

“There is a misconception that trainees were retrenched. Actually 68 apprentices completed 2 years’ training, while 150 apprentices’ training period was discontinued due to low production demand of VE pumps," he added.

“Bosch never promised in writing even at the time of appointment of absorbing them in regular services after the completion of the training period," Abraham said.

“Due to low production of VE pumps, about 300 per day as against 1,750, when the unit was in operation before the strike, there would be no apprentice appointments in near future," Abraham said, adding that the loss has been Rs30 lakh a day.

“There has been no anomaly in the pay structure and minimum labour wages as all labour laws are being followed strictly," he added.

“Union leaders might not want to understand the bilateral agreements on the wages," Abraham said.

“We are holding meetings with the Joint Labour Commissioner to find a fast and amicable solution with the union leaders—there is one such crucial meeting with the JLC on 20 November," Chakravarty said.