Vodafone Hutchison to move 450 jobs to India, Tasmania

Vodafone Hutchison to move 450 jobs to India, Tasmania

Melborune: Mobile services provider Vodafone Hutchison has announced offshoring a total of 450 call centre jobs from Melbourne to India and Tasmania.

The decision comes three months after Vodafone Australia Ltd and Hutchison 3G Australia formed a 50:50 joint venture.

A spokesman for Vodafone Hutchison Australia, who earlier flagged a total of 380 job cuts, said the company would transfer an unspecified number of positions to a call centre in Mumbai and about 100 jobs to Kingston, Tasmania.

Service Stream, the company that was running Vodafone contract confirmed the telecom operator’s plans to end the contract employing 450 in customer service and support roles starting in October to February, in a move that will shift the positions to Vodafone offices in India and Tasmania.

Service Stream acting managing director Michael Doery said the company would try to find new roles for the affected employees, but was unlikely to accommodate them.

“We’re trying to do the right thing for our staff but not give them false expectations," he was quoted as saying in ‘The Age´.