Corporates pick exotic gifts this Diwali

Corporates pick exotic gifts this Diwali

New Delhi: Caught in the global financial crisis, organizations may not be splurging on corporate gifts in quite the same way this year as they did last year. But faced with rising competition, businesses are looking to distinguish themselves with corporate gifts that represent their distinctive brand values. Consequently, gifts are becoming more exotic and customized than ever before. “Corporates spend a lot of time selecting gifts that represent essential aspects of their company’s identity", says Pramod Arora, Joint Managing Director of Archies Ltd.

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Forest Essentials, which specializes in an organic line of skin and body care products derived from traditional Indian recipes, is a popular gifting item for corporate customers and senior- level executives. “People are always looking for something new", says Abhi Sharma, Visual Merchandizing Manager of Forest Essentials.

“Our line of body care products, including body oils, are very popular for corporate gifting. We decorate the gifts with a color theme, rice paper, scented rose petals and jasmine buds. It makes an extremely extravagant basket set," Sharma says. Gift sets go for Rs. 395 to Rs. 2,500, but can be customized and can get as creative and extravagant as the customer likes.

With competition on the rise, companies want to convey their brand message and be associated with brand value more than ever. And they find diwali gifts a great way of doing this.