New Delhi: SpiceJet Ltd is in talks with a European company to lease out three of its Boeing 737 aircraft, along with crew, during the lean summer months, at a time when its rivals want to expand operations.

Airlines consider leasing out planes to other firms when revenue generated from the aircraft does not cover the cost of operation. “We are negotiating with Travel Service in Europe for providing three aircraft on wet lease during the summer months," a SpiceJet executive said, which was independently confirmed by a second official. Both requested anonymity.

Prague-based Travel Service AS offers chartered aircraft services.

SpiceJet will lease out the three aircraft from its total fleet of 51 between mid-July and September, the first official said. SpiceJet pilots and flight attendants will operate the three aircraft in European and Baltic countries. SpiceJet declined to comment on the matter.

Last year, SpiceJet had leased out two of its Boeing 737 aircraft to Jeddah-based NAS Air for two months.