The glitter’s not gone

The glitter’s not gone

New Delhi: Jewellery makers are making special efforts to cater to trendy young women who are looking to accessorize at work, and into the night. Companies have introduced new lines to meet the demand for jewellery that is wearable and affordable. Swarovski, which already has a strong presence in the Indian fashion scene, has on offer a line called Passages of Night. Starting at Rs3,500, this line has grown over 70% over the last year.

"We focus on this segment much more in India", says Sukanya Dutta Roy, country manager for Swarovski India. "We focus on the younger customer who wants to adopt Swarovski into their wardrobe. There are more connection points here", she says, referring to crystal-studded apparel and handbags available in India.

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90120654-a8ee-11dd-9c67-000b5dabf613.flvAmong Indian companies following the same idea is Gitanjali, which is working to dispel the unaffordable image of gold and diamonds. The prices start at Rs5000 for its line targeting working women. The company’s Asmi line has a collection called ‘Corporate and Graduate’ which accounts for as much as 50-60% of the sales of the entire line.

"Asmi celebrates womanhood", says Priyanka Sharma, general manager for Gitanjali. "It’s jewellery that a woman buys for herself. So our target woman is the working woman."

The company says since the number of working women in the country has increased 10 fold, its sales have also been growing steadily. And it believes this line is the most resistant to a market downturn.

Tanishq, Tata’s jewellery brand has a line called “Everydays". The one-and-a half year-old line includes gold and diamond pendants, earrings, necklaces and finger rings. Already a strong sub-brand for the company, its popularity soared after the price of gold went up. It now contributes 10% of all Tanishq’s sales.

The women these jewellery companies are targeting are brand conscious and looking for pieces that are well made. They won’t be seen in junk jewellery but need something that’s trendy and wearable for everyday and fun nights out after work. They’re the new modern Indian women.