Nice to acquire Fizzback for $80 mn cash deal

Nice to acquire Fizzback for $80 mn cash deal

New Delhi: Customer management solution company Nice on Tuesday said it will acquire fully customer feedback technology provider Fizzback in an all cash deal for $80 million (around 380 crore).

“Nice has been providing intent-based analysis where we analyse intention of customer based on the communication he had with company over phone or web," Anna Convery, vice- president (Corporate Portfolio Marketing) Nice, said.

“With the Nice offering, we are able to capture all interactions that transpire between a consumer or individual with an organisation. This will enable us to capture not just the interactions across all channels like web, social media, voice, text, email, etc, but also the feedback from the customers across all channels," she said.

Fizzback provides solution to approach customer in real time to take his feedback. It sends consumers requests for feedback relating to a specific interaction or transaction via mobile, web or social media.

The consumer is engaged at the point of experience, for example in the contact centre, branch, point of sale (POS), mobile application or web.

The feedback of customer is then used for analysis by the system to determine a relevant response, and automatically conduct a dialogue with the consumer in natural language rather than in survey format.

Convery added that existing employees of Fizzback will become part of Nice.

Tata Telecom, Sutherland India, Reliance BPO, Wipro Spectramind, Transwork are some of Nice’s clients in India.

“The new capability will be extended to clients in India as well. 20 out of the top 25 BPO’s and 70% of Indian banks, two out of the top three telcos use Nice solutions. We have deployed solution of our business segments at government establishments as well," Sherie Ng, VP Marketing, Nice Asia Pacific said.