Railways’ freight earnings increase

Railways’ freight earnings increase

New Delhi: Railways posted 8% growth in its earnings from freight traffic during the last financial year despite missing the loading target by 2 million tonnes.

During the financial year, it earned Rs57594.61 crore from freight traffic as compared to Rs53137.60 crore during the corresponding period last year, registering an increase of 8.39%.

Out of the total earnings, it earned Rs22366.69 crore from transportation of 396.10 million tonnes of coal, followed by Rs8350.77 crore from 132.72 million tonnes of iron ore for exports, steel plants and for other domestic user, said a senior Railway official.

Its other earnings included Rs5282.55 crore from transporting 93.15 million tonnes of cement, Rs3972.39 crore from 37.52 million tonnes of foodgrains and Rs3319.63 crore from 39.49 million tonnes of petroleum and lubricants.

Besides, it earned Rs2772.43 crore from transporting 34.36 million tonnes by container service, Rs883.46 crore from 11.58 million tonnes of raw material for steel plants except iron ore and Rs4135.99 crore from transporting 68.56 million tonnes of other goods, the official said.

The earnings came even as it posted a shortfall of over 2 MT in freight carried, transporting 887.99 million tonnes of freight traffic during April 2009-March 2010 as against its target of 890 MT.

The shortfall was because of the mining scam in Orissa and the resultant clampdown imposed by the State Government to check illegal transportation of minerals.