Dunlop withdraw lay-off notice to Sahaganj workers

Dunlop withdraw lay-off notice to Sahaganj workers

Kolkata: Under pressure from the state government, tyre maker Dunlop India Ltd on Tuesday withdrew the lay off notice issued by it to its workers at the Sahaganj factory on Saturday.

The notice was issued while the top brass of the Ruia Group, which controls Dunlop, was meeting in Bangkok to formulate business strategies. The decision to revert it was taken immediately after its chairman Pawan Kumar Ruia returned to Kolkata.

Dunlop’s management had been asked to prepare a revival plan and implement it within four months Ruia said in a statement.

Earlier, West Bengal’s commerce and industries minister Nirupam Sen said in an interview that Ruia Group hadn’t informed the state government before issuing the lay off notice, and that he had asked government officials to figure out if the Group had “any plan at all to run the Sahaganj factory".

Ruia said in his statement that the Sahaganj factory would be viable if the company was allowed to set up a 50mw power plant, for which it has not been granted regulatory approvals yet.

“The Ruia Group sincerely requests co-operation of the workers union... in implementing the revised long term revival plan and seeks proactive assistance from the state administration in stopping thefts at the Sahaganj plant," said a media statement.

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