Allergan opens pharma R&D company in India

Allergan opens pharma R&D company in India

Bangalore:US-based Allergan Inc. today launched a pharmaceutical research and development firm here.

Part of Allergan’s worldwide R&D operations, the Allergan Pharmaceutical Development Centre India would focus on implementing global pharmaceutical research and development projects that Allergan conducts in the country.

The centre here would initially have 15 clinical research and data management personnel which is expected to double within two years, Allergan Worldwide executive vice president (R&D) Scott M Whitcup said at a press meet here.

“R&D activities at the centre will initially focus on therapies in areas such as inflammatory and infective conditions of the eye, movement disorders and urological indications," Whitcup said.

The opening of the centre would allow close scientific collaboration with leading researchers and medical professionals in India, he added.

“Our goal is to develop new and innovative treatments that will benefit patients in India and the rest of the world," Whitcup said.

The centre here is the third largest outside the US for New York Stock Exchange-listed Allergan, which clocked $3.01 billion (Rs12,000 crore) sale for the year 2006, after Sydney and London, he said.

Allergan India Pvt Ltd, another arm of the company, also located here, would continue to manage the commercial side of Allergan’s business in India.