Mumbai: As companies look for better productivity and increasing efficiencies in a tough market environment, market researcher Nielsen has launched its first consumer neuroscience lab in India at its Mumbai headquarters.

The neuroscience lab will augment the company’s research capabilities in packaging and research, improving their effectiveness, said Joe Willke, president, Nielsen Neuro.

Nielsen currently has 65 people in India as part of the neuroscience team. With the inauguration of the lab, the team size will double, said Piyush Mathur, president, Nielsen India region, without giving a time frame. The new offering will also see the company expand its services to new sectors like banking, he said.

Globally, Nielsen has 12 neuroscience laboratories, besides a few captive labs with clients. As the India business is among its fastest growing worldwide, the company is looking at possibilities of opening a second lab in Delhi as well, said Willke.