Infosys launches Shopping Trip 360, for retail market

Infosys launches Shopping Trip 360, for retail market

Bangalore: Infosys Technologies Limited has launched ‘ShoppingTrip360’ to help retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to achieve visibility in in-store activity.

The service will offer managed-information services aimed at creating a 360-degree view of real-time in-store shopper and shelf activity. It uses a network of wireless sensor-based applications within the store that allows people (shoppers), places (retailers) and products (CPG companies) to collaborate in real-time by creating an information ecosystem.

The new product will allow retailers to know total number of shoppers and their shopping trip paths, allowing them to gauge in-store energy demand based on occupancy, help them open new checkout counters when lines start forming and allow monitoring of shelf-level inventories of fast moving products without using expensive RFID tags.

The patent-pending technology behind ShoppingTrip360 is based on Infosys’ intellectual property and is designed to operate with an existing store and information technology infrastructure.

Infosys will fully invest in the platform infrastructure, protecting clients from the risk of capital investment and technology obsolescence to eliminate traditional barriers to adoption of in-store technologies within the industry. Clients will subscribe to the services and pay for information.