Sanjay Bahl was appointed managing director and chief executive officer (CEO) of global skill development and vocational training firm Centum Learning Ltd in April 2017. With over 30 years’ experience in various sectors, Bahl is now looking at a scalable business strategy for Centum (part of the Bharti group). In an interview, he talks about the importance of a healthy work environment and women-friendly policies. Edited excerpts:

How do you ensure a healthy work environment in your company?

The ultimate objective of our employee health strategy is to improve the health—both physical and mental, safety and well-being of our workforce and to prevent all work-related illnesses and disorders.

We also understand and recognize the fact that employees’ personal values, professional development and work within the organization add to their overall happiness and satisfaction.

We organize regular health checks, doctor visits, health-related talks and sports activities for all our employees, ensuring their physical well-being.

Additionally, we provide flexible working schedules to employees who have family exigencies.

We also encourage employees to mandatorily avail at least half of their annual leave entitlement in order to maintain a good work-life balance.

How do you resolve workforce grievances?

Workplace grievances are handled with a lot of sincerity.

The intent of the management is to take timely action in order to ensure swift redressal of grievances. We have a detailed code of conduct policy which safeguards the interests of employees. Our HR team follows a four-step policy while handling any grievance—Acknowledge, Investigate, Resolve and Act. Apart from the HR team and senior management, the office of ombudsperson is an independent forum and vigil mechanism where employee grievances are heard and acted upon.

What is the male-female employee mix?

Twenty-seven percent of our workforce is female. We have ensured a minimum level of employee diversity but we believe we still have a long way to go and plan to launch new initiatives to improve our diversity ratio over the course of the next few months.

Have you introduced any women-friendly policies?

We are an equal opportunity employer.

We proudly claim to employ some of the most talented and competent female professionals in our industry. Flexibility in working hours to ensure proper work-life balance, work-from-home policy, and awareness sessions on female health are some of the many women-friendly policies we have.

We plan to start an in-house crèche within the office premises soon, which will give new mothers the opportunity to comfortably handle their professional commitments while enjoying their new phase of motherhood.

What, in your opinion, is a great place to work?

Our ideology for a great workplace is deeply rooted in our strong corporate value system.

For us, a high performance-oriented work environment with primary focus on internal and external customer satisfaction qualifies as a great workplace.

We also believe in a transparent and accessible culture which enables employees to communicate freely and openly across hierarchies and geographies.