Hospitality industry looks East for developing hotel chains

Hospitality industry looks East for developing hotel chains

New Delhi: With a view to bring Indian hospitality industry of East on par with rest of India, the leading hoteliers will be showcasing their products and projects in Kolkata next week.

The annual convention of hoteliers’ apex body Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) has been aptly themed “Hospitality & Government Creating Prosperity Together" to underscore the need of developing hotels and restaurants chain in the East which is seen as lagging behind its counterparts in India’s North, West and South.

The three-day convention and trade show of FHRAI will start on 26 October at Kolkata’s ITC Sonar The Luxury Collection.

“The thrust of the growth from the Government was more in southern, western and northern region, whereas eastern region has been totally neglected," Rajesh Mishra, President of FHRAI, told PTI.

“But gradually it is catching up and now we can see a marginal growth in the infrastructure in eastern India. Several hotel chains have announced new projects in the recent past. Earlier due to the government apathy, funds were not invested in this region properly," Mishra said.

The FHRAI president said the convention would live up to its theme as it will focus on the need of the hospitality industry and the Government to work in co-ordination with each other.

“The theme itself has been taken as the first plenary session of the convention, where the government representatives will present the Indian model of togetherness," Mishra said.

“Also there will be an eminent foreign speakers presenting the European model of togetherness, with their respective viewpoints on the hotel industry and its present scenario," he said.

During this convention, several plenary sessions will focus on ‘Innovative strategies in Hospitality industry’, ‘Redefining Hospitality Education’, ‘Inspirational leadership in Hospitality Industry’, etc.

“Efforts are also being made to organise Tourism Minister’s Conclave, where the policy makers would be deciding on the strategies on land-banking policy and PPP models for setting up new hotels," Mishra said.

The FHRAI says the Indian hospitality industry has been experiencing stupendous growth where the “supercharged" business environment is “bursting at its seams" with established players on an expansion spree and new entrants vying for a piece of the market.

Along with the convention, the FHRAI is also organising the Trade Show 2007, which will see suppliers and manufacturers related to the hospitality industry showcasing their products.

“The three day long event will be a perfect opportunity to showcase business offerings, explore new business opportunities and network with key decision makers and market leaders of hospitality market," Mishra said.