New Delhi: Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) managing director and chief executive officer Kenichi Ayukawa took home a total remuneration of Rs4.2 crore in 2016-17, an increase of 6.32% from the previous fiscal.

According to the company’s annual report 2016-17, Ayukawa’s total remuneration during the year was at Rs4,20,67,808, which also included a performance-linked bonus of Rs1,50,39,000. In 2015-16, Ayukawa’s remuneration was Rs3,95,44,573 which included performance-linked bonus of Rs1,27,45,000.

One of the important faces of the company, its chairman R.C. Bhargava received a total remuneration of 99 lakh in the fiscal 17, out of which 1.5 lakh was commission and .5 lakh was fee for attending board and committee meetings.

In 2015-16, his total remuneration was at Rs87.5 lakh inclusive of Rs77.5 lakh as commission and Rs10 lakh as fee for attending board/committee meetings. MSI’s parent Suzuki Motor Corp (SMC) chairman Osamu Suzuki, who is a non-executive director in the Indian firm, received Rs4 lakh during the year for attending board and committee meetings, which was also the same in 2015-16.

Similarly, SMC president Toshihiro Suzuki, who is a also non-executive director in MSI, received Rs6 lakh for attending board and committee meetings. In the preceding fiscal, he had received Rs4 lakh for the same.

Former MSI joint managing director Toshiaki Hasuike, who ceased to be a whole-time director on 19 November 2016 but continues as a non-executive director of the company, received a total remuneration of Rs2.35 crore our of which Rs82 lakh was performance-linked bonus in 2016-17. He had drawn Rs3.41 crore, which included performance- linked bonus of Rs1.08 crore in 2015-16.