Air traffic picks up in October

Air traffic picks up in October

New Delhi: In what could be soothing to the ears of the global airline industry, the rate of slowdown in business class traffic has declined in October from the previous month, the IATA said.

The airline yields also appear to have improved marginally, as premium travel numbers declined by 9.3% in October compared with a 13.9% fall in September.

Going by the latest figures of airlines around the world, the International Air Transport Association said the economy travel figures also showed an improvement with a positive 1.3% growth, compared with 0.9% in September.

It said passenger numbers on international markets expanded further during October.

“Numbers travelling on economy seats were 1.3% up versus a 0.9% rise in September, whereas premium passengers were down 9.3% compared with a 13.9% fall in September," IATA’s premium traffic monitor said.

Both premium and economy travel volumes rose around 6% from their respective low points, but were still below early 2008 levels, it said, observing that “stronger world trade in the late summer appears to be generating more business travel."