Bangalore: India’s second largest software exporter, Infosys Technologies Ltd, has hired human resources and statistical research services provider Gallup India Pvt. Ltd to survey its 100,000-strong workforce, as it attempts to boost the productivity of its employees.

Bangalore-based Infosys has been conducting annual employee satisfaction surveys internally for the last 15 years, and this marks the first time it has engaged an external consultant to measure employee motivation and suggest measures for improvement.

Driving force: Infosys senior vice-president and global human resources head Nandita Gurjar says motivated employees can raise productivity.

The survey comes as the Indian information technology (IT) industry anxiously trims costs in anticipation of a US recession and fewer software deals. But it also comes against a backdrop of Infosys losing ground as the employer of choice over the last few years; compared with multinationals, for example, Infosys is considered to be a poor pay master.

Under the two-year agreement between the companies, Gallup will send out a 15-30- question survey, analyse the results and suggest initiatives; the process will be repeated next year.

Gallup will also devise individual score cards for 1,500 of its managers stating areas of improvement to step up motivation levels of their teams. Each of these managers drive teams with as many as 800-1,000 members; managers will be appraised based on the measures implemented to step up motivation.

Mohandas Pai, board member and director of human resources at Infosys, says the survey reflects a shift in strategy and recognition that workers leave bosses, not companies.

“In a small company, everybody knows everybody but in a large company, the reporting manager is the company for most people. We must change the focus from the company to the reporting manager," he says. “That is why we engaged Gallup."

Gurjar declined to reveal how much the company was paying Gallup for the exercise. Gallup declined to be interviewed, citing a client confidentiality agreement.

Among questions on the Gallup survey: Do you have your best friend at work? What do you do best and do you get an opportunity to do that in your office every day? Does your opinion count for your company? Has anybody appreciated your work in the last two weeks?