Wynn Telecom to export mob handsets to 36 countries next year

Wynn Telecom to export mob handsets to 36 countries next year

Hyderabad: Wynn Telecom, a domestic mobile maker is aiming to export its handsets to 36 countries, a top company official said on Sunday.

Arvind Vohra, co-founder and managing director, Wynn Telecom said the company’s Indian market share will significantly improve by the time they are ready for exports next year.

“We are set to export to 36 countries. As far as Wynncom is concerned, we will start doing that after this financial year. By that time our Indian market would have established strongly," Vohra told PTI.

He said Wynncom - the mobile brand at present enjoys less than 1% market share and is aiming to reach third position in the next two to three years in the domestic brands range.

According to Vohra, the mobile handsets market in India is about 12.5-13 million handsets per month. Wynncom brand sells over one lakh handsets per month in the country.

Wynn Telecom is part of Rs930-crore SAR Group. The group, with Luminous as its flagship brand, operates in 36 countries across the world and has its own manufacturing base in India and China.

To a query on their proposed handset manufacturing plant at Himachal Pradesh, Vohra said they were awaiting the ecosystem to develop before starting manufacturing.

“We are waiting for the ecosystem to develop. Once it is completed, manufacturing activities will start. We have invested Rs150 crore in the plant," he said.

Besides, company sources said recently Wynncom got an inquiry from At&T Canada for supplying 3G handsets. The inquiry came from a consultant and is yet to take any shape, they said.