Tata Steel domestic sales up 18% in FY10

Tata Steel domestic sales up 18% in FY10

Kolkata: Tata Steel Monday said its sales grew by 18% to 6.1 million tonne in 2009-10 compared to 5.2 million tonne in the previous fiscal.

The production of saleable steel was higher by 20% at 6.4 million tonne during the year against 5.3 million tonne produced in the previous fiscal, the company said.

Tata Steel MD H M Nerurkar said margins were under pressure and would remain so in the coming year due to expected sharp rise in input cost and oversupply in the global market.

The company’s capacity in Indian operations, restricted in Jamshedpur at 7 million tonne, would be ramped up to 10 million tonne.

Speaking about Chattisgarh and Jamshepur, Nerurkar said work was not progressing, but it could not be said that the projects had been dropped.

Unless a proper relief and rehabilitation policy was in place the company was not in favour of moving aggressively with land acquisition in Jharkhand though there was no resistance to it.

Nerurkar said the company was still in difficulty over its Orissa project as some 300 displaced families were yet to be rehabilitated.

He, however, said there was limited scope for substantial increase in capacity above 10 million tonne at Jamshedpur owing to environmental issues, raw material linkages and population pressure.

Nerurkar said operations were not hampered so far though iron-ore could not be loaded for 17 days from the Joda mine in Keonjhar as the Orissa government has prohibited mining.

Tata Steel will form a committee for a social audit of its Orissa project in wake of allegations of human rights violations.

Nerurkar questioned when operations in Orissa were yet to begin how such violations could take place. “The company always work with communities wherever it works and here also we are open to any audit."