Bankers to beef up security after terror attacks

Bankers to beef up security after terror attacks

New Delhi: In the wake of the deadly terrorist attack in Mumbai the financial capital of India banks feel that security needs to be beefed up at select branches to deal with any emergency.

“We will beef up security in our branches besides installing CCTV in the select branches to deal with any abnormal situation, including terrorist onslaught," Oriental Bank of commerce executive director S C Sinha said.

Although all the branches have security guards, the bank would motivate them to be extra vigilant and prepare them to deal with abnormal situation, he said.

This would require coordinated efforts from all kind of agencies and authorities including government, he said.

UCO Bank chairman and managing director S K Goel said, there is security in all the branches if need be it can be increased.

Authorities have done what best could have been done in such a situation, he said, adding, there is no loss of confidence in the banking system due to this.

Banking operation was hit only in a particular area, which was cordoned off by security forces, he said.

Situation would be normal from Monday as normalcy has been restored, he added.

On the impact of terror attack on the banking operation, Union Bank of India chairman and managing director M V Nair said, “I do not see any impact of terror attack on our bank,"

Out of 120 UBI branches in the city, 118 operated normally, Nair said, adding, the impact is limited to Nariman Point area which is cordoned off by security forces.

IDBI Bank deputy manging director O V Bundellu said the impact has been very limited and going forward it would not affect the banking operation.

Asked whether people’s confidence has been shaken, he said it is absolutely incorrect. It would be business as usual from Monday.

Even the branches in the areas that have been attacked would have normal operation, he added.

During the seize, banks were having normal business including internal meeting other executive meeting, he said.

According to HDFC Bank treasury head Sudhir Joshi the banking operations, except in the areas affected by terrorist attacks, remained largely unaffected.