GfK-Nielsen plans supply of global data to appliance makers

GfK-Nielsen plans supply of global data to appliance makers

New Delhi: Beginning early next year, consumer electronics and home appliances companies operating in India will find global data and information about market trends a readily accessible click away.

Research firm GfK-Nielsen India Pvt. Ltd, which provides retail data for consumer electronics and technology products such as mobiles, is preparing to launch a new service for its clients which will give them access to market data across the world. “We will launch a portal which will have information about global markets. Clients will be able to use the (region- and country-specific) information with the help of an access code," said Sameer Shukla, general manager, GfK-Nielsen.

The research agency has also started covering new product categories such as camcorders and flat/slim PC monitors. Currently, GfK-Nielsen covers four categories—consumer electronics, domestic appliances, mobile handsets and information technology products (notebooks and desktops).

The new launches are in line with the company’s plans to bring global offerings to India. “Entry into new categories in India is also market-driven and need-based," Shukla said.

According to Shukla, the electronics and appliances market size is currently estimated at Rs80,000 crore.

Known as ORG-GfK Marketing Services (India) Pvt. Ltd earlier, the company is a joint venture between Germany’s GfK Group and Nielsen Co. Two months ago, GfK Asia Retail and Technology increased its stake in the joint venture from 40% to 50.1% and the agency was renamed GfK-Nielsen India. It generated sales of €3 million (Rs21.1 crore now) in 2008.

Companies in India seem pleased with the prospect of getting global data.

Access to the “global reports would provide marketeers a strong tool in terms of review and analysis of global trends related to a brand, product market shares and emerging new segments across product categories", said Jaideep Rathore, chief marketing officer, consumer electronics and appliances division, Videocon Industries Ltd.

Alok Bharadwaj, senior vice-president, Canon India Pvt. Ltd, held that research into existing categories should be more sharply focused, when asked about the expansion in the research panel and the introduction of new product categories. “It is important for most research agencies to provide more insight into the existing categories which they are covering instead of getting into new ones. It is crucial to provide more intelligent consumer insight based on what the clients require," he said.