British firm Atlantis mulls tidal power project in Gujarat

British firm Atlantis mulls tidal power project in Gujarat

London/New Delhi: British energy company Atlantis Resources has said it is assessing the viability of a 100 MW tidal power project in Gujarat.

The company has particular interest in the Gulf of Kutch and the Gulf of Khambhat areas, according to the information available on the company website.

Earlier in the day, the British daily ‘The Times’ also has reported that Atlantis has “forged a deal with Gujarat, under which the company will establish the feasibility of developing tidal power projects."

India has more than 7,240 km of coastline and is scrambling to tackle a gaping power deficit but has yet to establish a single tidal power project, the daily said.

Tidal current power is a form of clean energy, which is generated through the gravitational attraction between the sun and moon, creating high and low tides. Tidal current energy takes the kinetic energy in these tidal currents and converts it into renewable electricity.

Moreover, demand for electricity in India is likely to increase more than five-fold by 2030 the report said citing a study by McKinsey.