Tata Motors ‘disengages’ 300 temporary workers

Tata Motors ‘disengages’ 300 temporary workers

New Delhi: Auto major Tata Motors said that it has “disengaged" 300 temporary workers at its Jamshedpur plant.

“In this financial year, since April 2008, the plant has engaged, on an average, 1,455 temporary workmen every month. 300 such temporary workmen’s assignments have got over and they have been disengaged," a company spokesperson said.

Explaining reasons for the move, the spokesperson said: “Like other companies, Tata Motors Jamshedpur plant too takes in temporary workmen, by definition on temporary assignment and they are disengaged after the assignment is over."

He said that the temporary workmen were wards of the plant’s employees and they have been trained by the company under what is called the Tata Motors Skill Training Programme.

“As and when, permanent positions open up, such temporary workmen are absorbed. For example, 250 such individuals have been absorbed this month. In 2007-08, about 422 such workmen were taken on permanent rolls and in 2006-07 the number was 300," he added.

Currently, the total permanent workmen strength at Jamshedpur now is about 8,000.

The company’s Jamshedpur unit is the mother plant for its commercial vehicles.