Large companies fuel manpower demand in agribusiness sector

Large companies fuel manpower demand in agribusiness sector

Employment opportunities are multiplying, particularly in the rural sector, with companies focusing on the untapped potential there. Mint presents a fortnightly column on job prospects in the sector.

I am a BCom graduate. Please tell me the kind of opportunities available in the rural sector.

The rural sector offers careers in broadly two streams. One is in agribusiness and the other in the rural/social development sector. The development sector jobs are available primarily with non-governmental organizations and national and international development agencies.

The entry of large corporations in retail has triggered a boom in the agribusiness sector. In order to source their supply, they need to buy cereals, pulses, spices, fruits and vegetables and so on from farmers. To ultimately sell this produce, they require manpower in large numbers from junior to senior levels for buying the produce, organizing the supply chain, processing and marketing. You can explore entry level positions with some of these organizations for any of these roles.

Development sector organizations work for causes that help disadvantaged sections of society. It may include providing for the rural poor, taking initiatives to improve health, education, child rights, drinking water, sanitation, energy, etc. As a graduate in commerce, you will initially get field-oriented jobs to execute the projects. This provides you an opportunity to appreciate the ground realities and can provide job satisfaction.

I am a sales manager with 10 years’ experience in seeds firms. Many of my friends have moved to banking. Do you think that banks offer better career opportunities than agri-input companies?

Both banking and agri-inputs offer good scope for career enhancement. You should focus on the nature of the job in each and choose the one that appeals more to you.

In terms of opportunities, both banking and agri-inputs are challenging and growing fields.

However, if your interest level is same for both these sub-sectors of agribusiness, you may like to explore opportunities with organizations (either banking or agri-inputs) that are ready to offer you an opportunity that provides higher job responsibilities.

Ajay Gupta is CEO of and director, Ruralnaukri Institute of Agribusiness Management. Comments and feedback are welcome at