Mint Quiz #25

Mint Quiz #25

Types of footwear

1. The name of this type of footwear originates from the Algonquian language Powhatan. In Powhatan, it means “a shoe made of deerskin or other soft leather". What type of footwear?


2. This type of footwear is named after Arthur Wellesley, First Duke of ____, who fought in the Fourth Anglo Mysore war against Tipu Sultan, and also in the Napoleonic war. What type of footwear?

Wellington Boots

3. Shown here is a short dagger with a narrow, hollow grind blade with a triangular cross section. What type of footwear gets its name from this dagger?

Stiletto heels, from the stiletto dragger

Brands named after children

4. What is the first name of this young lady, after whom a famous automobile brand was named?

Mercedes. She’s Mercedes Jellinek, after whom the auto-mobile brand is named

5. Which textile brand was named after Dhirubhai Ambani’s elder brother’s son?

Vimal suitings

6. This company, named after the founder’s daughter, began operations in 1983 with sales of a liquid fabric whitener in Malappuram and Trissur districts of Kerala. Which?

Jyothy Laboratories. Its first product was Ujala

Toys brands/companies

7. The less famous in this series of toys named after the founders’ grandchildren were Stacie, Todd and Cheryl. The more famous were named after their son and daughter. What were the names of the son and daughter?

Barbara and Ken. The dolls Barbie and Ken were named after them. Stacie, Todd and Cheryl were the other dolls in the series

8. This company, famous for the toys in Q. 7, was founded in 1945, and gets its name from a combination of the founders names—Harold Matson and Elliott Handler. Which company?

Mattel, from Matson and Elliott

9. The name of which company comes from the Danish term for “play well"?