Ford, ACC in talks to see 100% hazardous waste processed

Ford, ACC in talks to see 100% hazardous waste processed

Chennai: Ford India and cement maker ACC are working together for 100% usage of hazardous waste generated from the manufacturing process that can be safely co-processed, a senior official of Ford India said today.

During a powerpoint presentation at a workshop on ‘co-processing of hazardous waste in cement kilns’ here, Ford India vice president Manufacturing Tom S Chackaiackal said both companies have jointly worked for the past two years to identify and develop alternate fuel and raw material opportunities for food waste.

“Permission was obtained from Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board to carry out the trial on a large scale", he added.

Tom said co-processing trial burn results concluded that the waste material can be safely co-processed in cement kilns.

The co-processing technology can provide a better, economically and ecologically more sustainable solution to industrial waste management problem, he said, adding the trial burn of waste showed that it can be co-processed and disposed regularly in cement kiln without any adverse impact on the process, quality and emissions.