Emami to revamp Zandu brands

Emami to revamp Zandu brands

New Delhi: FMCG company Emami is undertaking a major image makeover of Zandu brands and is charting a new strategy to avoid products clash in the same categories post the acquisition of Zandu Pharmaceuticals last year.

“The image makeover is being done to give Zandu a new look and more punch," Emami group director Aditya Agarwal said.

Emami is in talks with brand and communications consultancy firm Chlrophyll for revamping Zandu portfolio. It had acquired Zandu Pharmaceuticals last year for Rs700 crore.

Agarwal said the company will launch revamped Zandu Kesri Jeevan and Zandu Chywanprash and also Zandu Honey this winter.

With products of Emami and Zandu brands overlapping in some categories, such as pain balms and chyawanprash, the Kolkata-based FMCG firm is looking at segregating markets.

For instance, the company will use Zandu balm to fight competitors such as Amrutanjan in the southern and western markets, while Emami’s Mentho Plus would be placed in the eastern markets, where it has a strong presence.

In the Chyawanprash category, Emami’s Sona Chandi and Zandu’s Kesari Jeevan have been positioned differently keeping in mind their pricing.

Zandu’s chyawanprash is a premium brand while, Sona Chandi brand is fairly cheaper.

“We would be fighting with players such as market leader Dabur and Baidyanath in the northern markets where Chyawanprash is primarily consumed," he said.

Besides, Emami is also working on increasing stock keeping units (SKUs) of some of the brand, while decreasing for others depending on their strengths in different markets.

The company is also working on various marketing campaigns as part of its process of revamping the brands.

Agarwal said cricketers, Sachin Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan, Harbhajan Singh will feature in a new Zandu balm advertisement. Zandu is one of the main sponsors of the Mumbai Indians IPL team.

“Sponsorship of the Mumbai Indians will continue in IPL 3 next year also," Agarwal said.