Proventec to start operations in India

Proventec to start operations in India


New Delhi: Expecting to generate sales of up to $10 million in the next three years, steam solutions provider Proventec Plc today announced its foray into the domestic market with its patented ‘OspreyDeepclean´ technology used for making premises bacteria free.

OspreyDeepclean technology is a process under which steam at a temperature of 130 degree celcius is used for cleaning and in the process it also kills bacterias without using any chemicals.

“We have made representations to the various hospitals including government, privates and railways for selling our cleaning equipments in India," Proventec Chief Commercial Officer Thomas Stucken told reporters.

The company is expecting to generate sales of around $2 to $3 million dollar in the first year of operation.

Proventec has applied for the patent in India and is also looking to start manufacturing in India.