More V-sat mobile units to connect hospital network

More V-sat mobile units to connect hospital network


Coimbatore: Space Telemedicine, claimed to be the largest telemedicine initiative in Asia, would soon launch 600 mobile V-Sat units, to connect the smallest towns with major super speciality hospitals across India, a senior company official said on 11 October.

As villages and small towns have no proper access to major hospitals, particularly during the crucial Emergency phase or accidents, telemedicine plays a vital role to save patients from the jaws of death, M Paranidharan, regional manager of the company said.

Space has already networked with 57 leading hospitals in India, with seven in Tamil Nadu, he said adding that the company would place 600 mobile V-Sats in Tier II and Tier III cities and towns and villages and remote areas, “with an idea to move the clinical information rather than the patient."

On the concept, he said that depending on the need and availablity of specialists, the local general practitioner can choose from scheduled live interactive consultation, where the specialist is available at a pre-fixed time.

Besides on demand live interactive consultations, mainly during Emergency, there is Store and Forward consultations, where the local general practitioner forwards patient records and diagnostic test reports, receives specialist opinion and gives the diagnoses at a later date,Paranidharan said.