New Delhi: As fuel prices continued to rise today to record high levels, petrol prices breached the 90 mark in a small Maharashtra town where the price could be the highest in India. A litre of petrol costs 90.02 in Parbhani, which is located about 500 km away from Mumbai, due to higher local taxes and transportation cost.

Maharashtra is among those states where petrol, diesel prices are the highest in India. A litre of petrol now costs 88.26 in Mumbai while diesel is worth 77.47.

In Delhi, petrol costs 80.87 and diesel 72.97. In Bengaluru, petrol price is 83.51 and diesel is 75.32. In Hyderabad, petrol costs 85.75 and diesel 79.37. In Chennai, petrol costs 84.05 and diesel 77.13. In Kolkata, petrol costs 83.75 and diesel 75.82.

Rates vary from city to city depending on local sales tax or VAT and transportation cost.

As the Centre has made it clear that it will not cut down excise duty, two states have done their bit by reducing state taxes. Petrol and diesel are lower by 2.5 in Rajasthan and by 2 in Andhra Pradesh.

With fuel prices affecting the prices of essential commodities, Congress had led protests across India and even observed a Bharat Bandh yesterday which received mixed response in several states.

To combat soaring fuel prices, Congress and other opposition parties are demanding that the central government must reduce excise duty on petrol and diesel and bring it under the framework of GST to ensure that fuel prices are uniform across India. Since mid-August, petrol price has risen by over 3.5 a litre and diesel by about 4 per litre as rupee hit record low against the US dollar, making imports costlier. Global crude oil prices also continue to be under pressure.

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