Airline companies in India see slowdown after attacks

Airline companies in India see slowdown after attacks

Mumbai: Indian airlines have seen some slowdown in passenger traffic following last week’s deadly attacks in Mumbai, but said on 1 December they expect it to be temporary and said operations were running on schedule.

Top private carrier Jet Airways said it had seen an immediate impact on flights out of Mumbai, which it expected to normalize within the week, but overall operations, both domestic and international, were largely unaffected.

“There have been marginal cancellations of bookings for flights out of Mumbai in the domestic sector for December, however incoming traffic from overseas is in line with expectations," a Jet Airways spokeswoman said.

“Outgoing flights (from Mumbai) have been marginally affected as there are less people traveling, but we are hoping it would be back to normal soon," she said.

Budget carrier SpiceJet said it has not rescheduled or cut any flights, and was still assessing the situation.

“There has been a temporary slowdown... over the last few days people would not want to go in or out of Mumbai. By the end of this week we should get a clearer trend," chief commercial officer Samyukth Sridharan said.

Kingfisher Airlines, which rescheduled some Mumbai flights over the weekend, said no further rescheduling was planned.