New Delhi: Infosys Ltd has entered into a partnership with the University of Southern California (USC) on Tuesday to work closely with the Center of Global Supply Chain Management (CGSCM) at the university’s Marshall School of Business.

CGSCM will focus on advancing global supply chain management through three core activities—establishing a robust industry network, offering a variety of education programmes and performing advanced research, the company said in a statement.

Under the terms of the partnership, not only will Infosys along with USC Marshall play a key role on the CGSCM board to design the Center’s (CGSCM) charter of activities and its future growth, it will also contribute topics for advanced research and thought leadership papers. It will also coordinate with other CGSCM members including industry experts, organizations, trade bodies and local authorities, to conduct the Center’s activities

The Center, in return, will host roundtable conferences, industry forums and panels, networking events and speaker series as well as research on challenges faced by companies operating in and contributing to the supply chain space

USC Marshall’s CGSCM will also offer the first globally integrated Master’s programme on supply chain management aligned to its mission of NEAR (Networking, Education and Advanced Research).

“We have our sights set on how companies will best manage and optimize their supply chains in the future. CGSCM will offer students an opportunity to learn from professors and business leaders and solve real business problems," said Rakhi Makad, industry principal, Infosys and program director from Infosys for USC Marshall CGSCM. “Our partnership with the USC Marshall School of Business will allow us to bring together some of the brightest minds spanning academia and the industry to help shape the future of the industry."

Supply Chain Management is a growing field and accounts for $10 trillion or roughly 14% of the Gross World Product, according to industry estimates.

“The global supply chain space is seeing strong growth, with the US alone spending nearly 10% of its GDP on supply chain activities every year. Capitalizing upon the Center’s global network and industry experience, along with the university’s renowned faculty, we hope to cultivate top talent and become the principal thought leader in the realm of global supply chain management," said Nick Vyas, director, USC Marshall Center of Global Supply Chain Management (CGSCM). “The USC Marshall CGSCM will work closely with Infosys and other companies across the globe to bridge the existing gap between supply and demand for skilled executives, who can meet the growing and complex demands of the supply chain industry."