Wipro GE Healthcare targets Rs800 crore revenues from project

Wipro GE Healthcare targets Rs800 crore revenues from project

Mumbai: The Indian sales and marketing arm of GE Healthcare, the world’s largest healthcare and diagnostics technology company by sales, Wipro GE Healthcare Ltd, is targeting revenues of at least Rs800 crore from a public private partnership programme in the Indian diagnostics market.

The company, which is currently talking to half a dozen state governments in India to set up diagnostic facilities at major public hospitals, is aiming to cover a majority of India’s 200 or so medical colleges under this programme within the next three years.

GE Healthcare, which is owned by General Electric Co., will help set up diagnostic centres equipped with its computed tomography, or CT, scan systems as well as its magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, systems, in these hospitals through a three-party contract involving the state government, a private service provider and GE Healthcare.

A GE Healthcare South Asia vice-president, Ashok Kakkar, says: “Our ambition is to take this model...across the country, creating a wave of transformation in the Indian health- care industry."

The GE CT and MRI equipment, which cost about Rs4 crore per installation in the diagnostic centres, will be owned and managed by the private service provider who will be funded, as needed, by GE Healthcare’s financial services group.

“This partnership will create a breakthrough by reducing diagnostic imaging costs for patients by approximately 30%, and by up to 50% for below poverty line patients, from what is normally charged by diagnostics labs outside," claims Kakkar. “Moreover, it will also help educating the medical students and doctors about latest technologies in the modern diagnostics space."

Private diagnostic labs that offer MRI and CT scan services in India typically charge between Rs3,000 and Rs10,000, depending on the services used.

GE Healthcare, which manages its marketing and sales business in India through the joint venture with Wipro Ltd, has already initiated its first public-private partnership programme by signing a contract involving the Madhya Pradesh government and Sanya Hospitals and Diagnostic centre to set up a diagnostic centre at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College Hospital in Jabalpur.

Projects in Gujarat and Rajasthan are next in line.