New Delhi: Air traffic grew at double-digit pace in June, with airlines reporting robust occupancy figures, according to data released on Tuesday by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Airlines carried 7.97 million domestic passengers last month, an increase of 20.81% from June 2015. IndiGo had 37.9% of the market share—equal to the combined market share of Air India (15.5%), Jet Airways group (19.1%) and Vistara (2.8%).

SpiceJet (12.7%), GoAir (8.3%), Air Costa (0.8%), AirAsia India (2.2%) Air Pegasus (0.3%) and TruJet (0.4%) remained close to their May market share.

The overall cancellation rate of scheduled domestic airlines in June was 0.96%. Trujet, Air Pegasus, AirAsia India and Air Costa had the highest number of flight cancellations at 21.73%, 19.33%, 10% and 3.06% respectively.

Air India, GoAir, Trujet, Jet Airways were the targets of the highest number of passenger complaints. Bad customer service and baggage mishandling were among the main complaints by passengers.

SpiceJet had the highest flight occupancy at 93% followed by AirAsia’s 90.2%, GoAir’s 84.6%, Air India’s 82%, Air Pegasus’ 82.2% and TruJet’s 81%. IndiGo, Jet Airways and Vistara flew their flights less than 80% full at 77.9%, 79.1%, 79%. JetLite’s occupancy rate was the lowest at 75.2%.

“The passenger load factor in the month of June 2016 has slightly decreased compared to previous month primarily due to the end of tourist season," DGCA said in its report.

The second quarter of the fiscal year starting July is considered the lean season for travel, when most airlines lower their fares to attract passengers.