Good opportunity for EcoBoost engine in India: Ford

Good opportunity for EcoBoost engine in India: Ford

Chicago: US automaker Ford sees great opportunity for its fuel efficient ‘EcoBoost´ engine technology for cars in India, which it considers a key market, a top executive said.

The Detroit-based firm showcased its Ford Edge 2011 crossover, featuring the EcoBoost engine, at the Chicago Auto Show here.

“Customers have embraced EcoBoost technology because of its ability to deliver power and performance with uncompromised fuel economy. The technology has a great deal of opportunity in India," Group VP global product development Derrick Kuzak said on the sidelines of the auto show here.

He said the technology is “ideal" for small displacement engines and will provide “exceptional fuel economy and great performance at the same time.

In the future, ecoboost could be a great technology for India," he added.

Terming India as a “very important and one of the largest growing markets in the world," he said Ford will continue to expand its portfolio in the country.

The firm is “pleased and excited" about launching ‘Figo´, its first small car for the Indian market, he added.

“Figo fits right in the Indian market in terms of its affordability," he said.

Ford’s EcoBoost engine technology, featuring turbo charging with direct injection, was introduced a year ago.