Mint Quiz # 28

Mint Quiz # 28

1. Which device is this the first prototype of?

2. When this company decided to trademark a name for its new product, it realized it had already trademarked that particular name for “a public internet kiosk enclosure containing computer equipment," a project that never saw the light of day, but which was named so because of the resemblance of the intended kiosk to a cocoon or an enclosure. It eventually used the name for the new product that it made, and said about it, “If you think about the product, it doesn’t really fit. But it doesn’t matter. It’s short and sweet." Which product?

3.When a name was being sought for this product, the team responsible decided to look for a name that would be “more natural, more entertaining and more joyful that might decrease blood pressure." When someone pointed out that the tiny buttons on the device looked like a collection of seeds, the team began exploring different fruity names: ___, melon and an assortment of vegetables were all bandied about, before settling on the eventual name due to the colour of the device. What gadget?

4. This company was founded in 1964 by a University track and field coach and one of his proteges—a former athlete. This began as an athletic footwear distribution company for the Japanese brand Onitsuka Tiger, and made most sales out of the car of one of the founders at University track and field meets. However, with the founders coming up with newer designs, this company’s shoes became more and more popular, with many University athletes preferring to use them. Which iconic brand?

5. This company’s founder started to produce his own sports shoes in his mother’s wash kitchen after his return from World War I around 1920 in Herzogenaurach, near Nuremberg. His father, who worked in a shoe factory, and the brothers Zehlein, who produced handmade spikes in their blacksmith’s shop, supported him in starting his own business. The company was named after its founder. Which company?

6. This company was started by the elder brother of the founder of the company in Q2. Initially, the two brothers had worked together. However, since the elder brother was closer to the Nazi party than the younger, their political affiliations caused a rift between the brothers. When the elder brother was picked up by American soldiers for being a part of Waffen SS, he was convinced his brother had turned him in. Consequently, the brothers parted ways. Which company did the elder brother found?

7.This is a type of sweater/jumper that ties, buttons or zips down the front. It is named after James Thomas Brudenell, the 7th Earl of _____, who commanded the charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean war. What article of clothing is this?

8. This is a type of sleeve whose distinguishing characteristic is to extend in one piece fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from armpit to collarbone. It is named after Fitzroy Somerset, 1st Baron ____, who served as a General during the Crimean war. It is believed that this sleeve was designed for him to fit his coat when he lost his arm in the Battle of Waterloo. Which article of clothing?

9. This form of headgear, also known as ski mask, covers the whole head, exposing only the face or upper part of it, and sometimes only the eyes. Its name comes from a town in the district of the city of Sevastopol in Crimea, Ukraine. During the Crimean War, pieces of this headgear were sent over to the British troops to help protect them from the bitter cold weather. What headgear?

1. Mouse

2. ipod

3. Blackberry

4. Nike

5. Adidas. From Adolf ’Adi’ Dassler, the founder

6. Puma

7. Cardigan

8. Raglan sleeve

9. Balaclava, or Balaclava helmets