Bayer CropScience AG gets regulatory approval

Bayer CropScience AG gets regulatory approval

New Delhi: New insecticidal active ingredient flubendiamide granted regulatory approval in major Asian markets. This product launch strengthens Bayer CropScience’s portfolio in the region.

The company plans to launch the new insecticide under the brand name Fame® in 2007. The active ingredient was also recently granted full regulatory approval in the Philippines and Pakistan, where it is marketed as Fenos® and Belt® respectively.

Infestation with pests is a major problem in many Asian countries as a result of their climatic conditions. Insecticides therefore represent a significant economic factor for agriculture in the region. Bayer CropScience expects regulatory approval to be granted for flubendiamide in US, Canada, Brazil, Australia and countries of EU in 2008.

“Flubendiamide will help rejuvenate our comprehensive range of products" said Dr Scheitza, member of the Board of Management, Bayer CropScience and Head of Global Portfolio Management.

As a key player in Asian crop protection market,they hope to strengthen their position further.

Flubendiamide is the third innovative active substance after tembotrione and pyrasulfotole from the company to launch a programme which commenced in 2000 and was granted regulatory approval by responsible authorities this year.

Bayer CropScience is confident that, with the 26 new active ingredients scheduled to be launched in all indications by 2011, it will be able to reach its targeted peak sales potential of approximately 2 billion.