Futurist govt policies need of the hour: summit

Futurist govt policies need of the hour: summit

New Delhi: Visionary government policies, amendment in existing labour laws and improved infrastructure are a must, if India wants to rise as superpower – a solution arrived upon after a brainstorming session between the corporate world and academia, Sunday.

“India has a long way to go before it attains the status of a superpower - for that to happen we need favourable government policies, better infrastructure, change in labour laws and the need to impart vocational training to as many as possible," said Krishan Kalra, secretary general, PHD Chambers of Commerce, while speaking at the Building India Inc. 2008.

S.K. Jain from the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, highlighted on the negative impact of illiteracy and poverty. He dwelt upon about how there has been a change over the years in the way India and Indians are perceived abroad.

Columnist Gurcharan Das focused on how poverty can be tackled through economic growth and that the country was resilient enough to tide over the present global financial crisis.

The two-day summit touched upon an array of topics including power sector and telecom networking.

Anjana Dhar, general manager with Power Grid Corporation of India laid special emphasis on the Electricity Act of 2003 that opened up the power sector to private players.

K. V Damodharan presented an analytical perception of “Infrastructure in Telecom Networks".

Touching upon the challenges faced by the telecom industry, expert K.V. Damodharan pointed to the digital divide and creation of sustainable infrastructure. He gave an insight of measures being taken by the government to improve the telecom infrastructure in the country.

Josey P. John, national corporate editor, Mint, attended the summit.