Nature’s Bounty plans to launch scotch, beer and vodka

Nature’s Bounty plans to launch scotch, beer and vodka

New Delhi: Amit Burman-promoted Nature’s Bounty plans to diversify its business by including scotch whiskey, vodka, beer and gin in its portfolio in the domestic market.

“Our plan is to have scotch whiskey, beer and vodka in our portfolio and now we are talking to large international groups for introducing more brands in the country," Nature’s Bounty Wines and Allied Products Pvt Ltd CEO A S Wadhwa said.

“We are in advanced stages of discussion for introducing 12-year single malt and 12-year blended scotch in the Indian market. The announcement is expected in about three months," Wadhwa said, declining to divulge on any further details.

The company is looking at adding gin, vodka and beer to its list besides expanding its wine portfolio.

Nature’s Bounty launched two more wine brands — German Blue Nun and South Africa’s Kaya — and both are produced by Germany — based Langguth Wine and Spirits.

“We want to balance our portfolio with old world and new world wines. While Kaya is a new world wine, Blue Nun is old world," company Chairman Amit Burman said.

Nature’s Bounty currently has about 24 variants under four brands in the wine segment and is in discussion with wine makers to introduce more brands in the country.

The company, however, refused to comment on questions relating to sales projections and investments.