National Bank of Pakistan to open branch in India

National Bank of Pakistan to open branch in India

Islamabad: The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is set to open its first branch in India, with a team being put in place to go to New Delhi for the purpose soon, a news report has said.

India has granted permission to NBP to open up branches in the country. To this effect, a Pakistani team will go to India next year for opening up a new branch of the bank, Pakistan’s Online news agency reported.

Dr Abrar, Chief of Human Resources of NBP, said Pakistan has opened branches of NBP in twenty-one countries and is now planing to open its branches in India and other nations including Saudi Arabia, Canada and Bangladesh.

He said the NBP is making efforts to provide customers with state-of-the-art facilities.

The Human Resources chief also pointed out that a new branch would be opened in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province soon with one branch already providing service to customers in Kabul.

Dr Abrar stressed that in an effort to boost the role of women in the bank’s management, the president of NBP has directed that female managers should be appointed in at least 30 of the 1,300 branches across Pakistan by the end of 2007.

NBP is one of Pakistan’s premier bank providing both commercial and public sector services with its headquarters in Karachi.