LPO firms find it difficult to attract talent

LPO firms find it difficult to attract talent


Mumbai: Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) firms which undertake outsourcing work for law firms from overseas may find it difficult to attract talent as career with an LPO was found to be the least preferred among law students, a survey conducted by ValueNotes, a leading provider of business information said.

The survey has noted that,“with the increasing demand for legal services from different sectors , there is bound to be a fight for talent. Though there are about 80,000 law graduates passing each year, the number that is employable is quite low."

The survey pointed out that LPOs will face an even greater problem in the fight for talent as they harbour a negative perception among law students.

According to the survey, despite the media hype about legal services outsourcing, a large number of students pursuing law were either unaware of offshore legal services or they did not consider it as a preferred career choice.

The survey found that one of the reasons for law students not being enthusiastic about LPO is that many of them feel that work at an LPO is repetitive and highly process driven.

There is also a feeling that LPO is no different from a BPO and they may be required to do a monotonous job which requires no skill.

The survey has noted that there is a demand for graduating law students from multinationals who are expanding their operations in India and from the Indian companies who are expanding their global footprint.