New Delhi: The M&A momentum continued in August with India Inc signed an average of two deals per day.

According to Grant Thornton report, a total of 62 M&A deals valued at $3.37 billion were announced in August, against 59 deals worth about $0.94 billion in July.

It was a marginal increase over the last month’s deal numbers but over three-fold jump in value terms.

The consultancy and research agency in its M&A report said 30 domestic deals were announced with a total value of $0.66 billion, while the value of 32 cross-border deals was nearly four-times of this figure at $2.71 billion.

The total tally of M&A deals announced so far this year stood at 460, with an announced value of $48.4 billion.

The most significant deals have been JSW Steel’s acquisition of 3 US companies (Jindal United Steel Corporation, Saw Pipes US and Jindal Enterprises LLC) and Wipro Technology’s acquisition of US-based Infocrossing Inc along with its subsidiaries.

The total tally of PE deals announced so far this year stands at 267, with an value of $10.82 billion.

The most significant PE deals were Fortress Capital, HSBC Principal Investments, Galleon Group, New Silk Route, GLG Partners, Quantum Fund (George Soros) and DA Capital investment of $337.50 million in Infrastructure unit of Reliance Communication